You are finally ready to try  a new sport! You are super exited about spending the morning in the water and meeting new people. Now, what to expect once you get there? After signing up on meet up site you will have a seat reserved just for you! You will be greet buy a Puff member. Our coaches will then go over the basics of dragon boating with you on land, teach you some basic commands and do some basic stretches, then we will get on the dragon boat and learn by doing!

No previous skill required.

Puff provides life vests, seat cushions and paddles. We recommend bringing a bottle of water, sun screen and to wear clothing that you will be OK exercising in and getting splashed with water. Shades, gloves and hat are worn by most of our paddlers as well but are not required. Practice lasts roughly 2 hours.

We are very passionate at what we do, and we want you to feel welcome and get the best experience possible. We also want to teach you all in one day!! (Sometimes we get super exited!), so expect coaching from our team members. It is a fun day in the water, you will be happy you did it! See you on the boat!

Puff :)