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Dragonboat is an exiting sport for all levels and desires. We offer different programs to accommodate all fitness levels and expectations, from recreational paddlers, corporate crews, outdoor lovers and the most competitive paddlers. We offer beginners classes every Sunday, corporate training for team building or local races, memberships for intermediate paddlers with 4 practices week, and race crew training with individual coaching in and off the water for the most competitive athlets. Find what you like the most and join us!

Meetup for beginners

Meetup for beginners

MeetUP - TRY A beginners's class

Dragonboat is a fast growing sport for all levels. If you want to try something new, have fun and a good workout in the water while meeting new people this is the activity for you! We offer once a week beginner's session - Sundays at 10.30am - with coaching, paddles and life vests included. To attend meet up, clic the link below. Space is limited so please update your rsvp if needed.

Please click here to sign the guest paddler waiver and bring it with you (this is to facilitate things and enjoy more time in the water, additional waivers will be provided the day of the event)

Puff paddlers

Puff paddlers


To become a Puff DBRT Team Member follow this instructions: 

- Log in into your Paypal account (If you don't have one and want to create one follow this link 

- Choose the option "Friends and Family" (You won't get charged a fee this way)

- Insert our Paypal email address PAYPUFF@GMAIL.COM

- Make your payment* , add your email address on notes and you will receive a payment confirmation.

*The annual membership for 2019 is $220 (February to December).

- After purchasing your membership you will receive a welcome letter (in the email you used to make the payment) from our Captain with instructions on how to set up our rsvp system for practices and races! 

- You will need to sign a waiver, please click here to sign Puff DBRT Miami Team Member waiver and send it to or bring a printed copy with you to your first practice.

If you have questions and inquires please contact us. If we are not in the water we will reply super fast!

Puff members, recreational or competitive, have access to 4 practices a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.15pm (in the water), Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00am (in the water). All practices have different formats and coaches, we encourage all members to attend as many practices as possible.

Recreational paddlers have the chance if desired, to compite locally 4 times a year. If you want to be considered for the elite race crew selection, all members are subject to time trials and fitness tests in and off the water. Results among Captain and coaches observations are mixed to combine the most competitive boat to represent the team, with local and out of state races. We are as strong as our weakest paddler, therefore, fitness, commitment and attendance is expected from every competitive paddler aspiring a seat.



Corporate team - Miami International race 2017

Corporate team - Miami International race 2017

COrporate teams

"We are all in the same boat". You might hear this at the office but nothing compares to actually be in the same boat, in sync, paddling at the same time with a same objective to win the race! We offer team building experiences for our corporate partners to help them to strengthen their team while helping to build ours. Dragon boating is the ultimate team sport. The synchronization among all the paddlers in the boat is even more important than their individual strength; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

As we are a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible.

We offer individual sessions and short term training for local races as a full program. We have five corporate teams training with us, your team should be there too! Contact our Captain directly to this email